Feedback from past participants of our MSC and Mindfulness offerings:

Adelaide Mindfulness Testimonials

The 5-Day MSC Intensive:

"This program did meet my needs - I have left with a greater understanding of MSC and myself, I am more kind and gentle to myself, and feel more emotionally resilient. I feel motivated to continue the practices."

"I was touched by the ease to be with others, the common humanity - and with this ease came acceptance and a longing to be kinder to myself."

"This program exceeded my expectations. The whole concept of self-compassion was foreign to me prior to attending the program and now I feel I have access to some very valuable tools to help me continue to activate and maintain my calming system and so much more."

"The blend of input, meditations, poems, reflections, journalling and discussions in both the small and large groups. By far the sharing of stories by both facilitators and participants in such a caring and honest way was very valuable. The dynamics of this group was so conducive to learning, sharing and connecting."


The 8-week MSC program:

"This has been a profound experience. You’ve opened me to an inner self who is compassionate and someone I can trust"

"I have much more understanding of (MSC) now, rather than doubts"

"My soul journey has found a lot more paths to explore because of you and the course, thank you Tina."

"It is an inspirational journey that we all shared with each other." 


The MSC Teachers:

 "Tina, you created a safe, warm, kind and comfortable learning environment. Your expertise and experience in MSC was evident throughout the program as well as your ability to provide lots of relevant examples to explain a point/concept." 

"The teachers were warm, authentic and funny, which set the stage for an open, trusting group. On of the main things was they used self-compassion - this has helped me apply it too. I appreciated the use of personal anecdotes which normalized the struggles of MSC, and a way through such struggles." 

"Loved your openness, the way you valued each participant as an individual and part of a collective group." 

"Good ability to respond to each person and be flexible."

"The teacher's kindness and generous attitude to everyone was heartwarming"

"I thought the teacher was 'keeping it real', and practicing what she preached."

"Excellent planning, preparation and presentation skills of our wise teacher/s, made this a fulfilling experience."

"The teacher was very compassionate and respectful of our suffering, struggles, difficulties and stories. She was able to share her own experiences and provided a safe environment for us to open up."


The Sophia Venue:

"Sophia is a perfect venue for this type of program, especially the beautiful garden. I really feel this added to the value and benefits of this program."

" A beautiful sacred space, perfect."

" The Sophia venue was perfect. The garden provided an outstanding backdrop to stare at each day, and the opportunity to take oneself outside anytime was invaluable."

" The indoors was room and flexible and you could easily be in the back to have some space or be upfront when you wanted to."


Mindfulness workshops:

'I learned to be still and be kind to myself'

'Feeling calm in the storm'

'I re-gained my faith in my own inner wisdom'

'Knowledge and skills were gained that are now impacting positively on my health'

'I found mindfulness a key to coping and the community experience deepens it'


A Month of Mindfulness program:

“This has been a significant experience for me, especially at this time. I have been greatly inspired.”

“It’s great to get in touch with the REAL you. Warts and all!”

“I was surprised by the range of techniques that are available to practice mindful meditation from the extended formal practice to the quick informal sessions.”

“This course has changed my way of thinking and made me feel calm in a way I never felt before. I feel more prepared for adversity and managing it in an effective way.”

"A great introduction to mindfulness whether you have previous experience with meditation and would like to take it deeper or if it is all new to you.Very welcoming, informative and helpful for everybody"

"During and since completing the course I am experiencing "untangling" and a greater view within and outward"

"Fantastic program. I would highly recommend for anyone"


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