Adelaide Mindfulness Programs:

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We have extensive experience facilitating Compassion-Based Mindfulness programs.

Our programs teach a mix of formal meditation practices and simple yet profound skills that may be woven into everyday life. These resources have been shown to activate the bodies calming system, gently working with a busy mind to bring balance to the body/mind/spirit. Formal and informal approaches are used to bring greater perspective and appreciation to life. The techniques learned can be of significant benefit when facing difficulty or challenges that threaten to undermine one's quality of life.

A growing body of research has been happening in the area of Mindfulness, and more recently Compassion and Mindful Self-Compassion. Attending a program has been found to lead to positive health outcomes such as increased well-being and decreased anxiety.

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) programs:

Do you find yourself being overly self-critical? Anxious? Feeling inadequate? Annoyed?

The Mindful Self-Compassion program teaches the skills of motivating oneself with compassion, mindfulness and kindness rather than harsh self-criticism.

Cultivating inner compassion is all about treating ourselves as well as we would treat someone we love who is struggling - no more or no less. Learning to include ourselves in our caring. 

- MSC 8-week programs

- MSC 5-Day Intensive programs

- MSC Booster sessions for past participants

Month of Mindfulness programs

This 4-week program provides a wonderful introduction to the key practices and principles of Mindfulness. A Month of Mindfulness is suitable for those new to Mindfulness or those wanting to refresh and deepen their practice.

Community Practice Sessions

Join like-minded people to practice Compassion-Based Mindfulness meditation. We currently offer these sessions at Port Adelaide and Cumberland Park.

Retreat Sessions

We offer regular retreat sessions designed for people who have an existing/ past mindfulness practice. The retreat is structured to allow time in nature, time for silence, time to connect with like-minded people, and plenty of compassion-based mindfulness practices led by Tina and Barb.

Please note the programs we offer are educational and resource building programs, rather than therapeutic interventions. They do not constitute clinical treatment but are a sharing of mindfulness and self-compassion techniques to support people in developing their own practice for daily life.


The past participants that regularly attend the MSC Booster sessions often comment that the Heart's Nest space is welcoming, warm and peaceful. Refreshing the MSC practices with like minded people seems to be a booster shot to the spirit. People often find the walk through the garden to and from the space is a calming practice in itself. 


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