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For people who have completed the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program there are ongoing booster sessions available each month, facilitated by Tina and Peter. 


Why join in?

Re-visit the formal / informal practices, deepen your understanding of the MSC topics and stay connected with past participants. 


The format:

1-hour of led meditation practices, followed by 30minutes of sharing a relevant text and shared conversation around a topic from the MSC program.

The cost: $10 


  • The Heart's Nest, 9 Reedie Street, Henley Beach

* Please come in the side gate and follow the path all the way to Heart's Nest practice room which is at the back of our property.


  • Monday evening 7pm - 8:30
  • Thursday morning 10am - 11:30am

Registration is required as space is limited: Please let Tina know if you are attending: 0430-328-007 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Topics and dates for 2018


January - no sessions



Monday or Thursday:

  • Activating the calming soothing system via MSC, discussing Paul Gilbert’s model of the 3 emotional systems.



Monday or Thursday:

  • Fears and blocks to Self-Compassion



Monday or Thursday:

  • Resistance, exploring how and when it can add to our suffering 



Monday or Thursday:

  • Equanimity, the balance of wisdom and compassion



Monday or Thursday:

  • Loving kindness, exploring the science behind it and how to keep your phrases alive and authentic


July - no sessions



Monday 6th or Thursday 9th:

  • Befriending the inner critic



Monday 17th or Thursday 20th:

  • Being with difficult emotions, unpacking the 'Soften - Soothe - Allow' practice



Monday 8th or Thursday 11th:

  • Cultivating shame resilience, notes from Brene Brown



Monday 5th or Thursday 8th:

  • Forgiveness, discussion on the role MSC my play.



Monday 10th or Thursday 6th:

  • Anger and hard emotions, exploring opening up to meet unmet needs.


The past participants that regularly attend the MSC Booster sessions often comment that the Heart's Nest space is welcoming, warm and peaceful. Refreshing the MSC practices with like minded people seems to be a booster shot to the spirit. People often find the walk through the garden to and from the space is a calming practice in itself. 


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