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Online Mindfulness programs:

This Way Up

A free online introduction to mindfulness course, an initiative from St Vincent's Hospital Sydney.


The Science of the Brain:

The Greater Good in Action: Science based practices for a more meaningful life


Compassion & Self-Compassion:

The Compassionate Mind Australia:

A hub for people interested in the study and application of compassion practices, and a vehicle for the promotion of courses and community events that align with our purpose

The Atlas of emotions: 

The Dalai Lama and psychologist Paul Ekman — who advised Pixar on the film 'Inside Out’ have worked together to create an “Atlas of Emotions,” to help people better understand their own minds.The atlas breaks emotions into five major groups — as accepted by a large majority of scientists — and then delves into the experiences, shades, and triggers of those emotions.The reason for developing this map to assist people to feel their emotions and then be able to activate the bodies calming system, as the Dalai Lama stated: “‘So make a map of emotions so we can get to a calm state.’”

Compassionate Well-being
The Compassionate Mind Foundations
Dr Kristin Neff
Dr Chris Germer
The Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion
​Compassionate Mind Australia


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