Adelaide Mindfulness Retreats

Individual Sessions

Looking for someone to assist you? Then enquire regarding individual sessions to learn how mindfulness and self-compassion practices can be used to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Adelaide Mindfulness Retreats


Counselling provided by Barb Hancock allows individuals who feel stuck or consumed by their current situation the opportunity to explore and find their way through a time of difficulty.

Mindfulness principles and practices are incorporated within counselling sessions, working with the mind and body to address stress. Barb has a particular interest in the area of cancer and chronic health issues that bring the challenge of how to live well with unwelcome change.

Individual mindfulness training is available for those who are unable to attend a program or prefer to work one-to-one. The sessions explore key practices and are adapted according to the needs of the individual. By undertaking a series of sessions, clients are able to develop a personal practice and gain the benefits of integrating mindfulness into life in a flexible format.The 4-hour silent retreat is structured to allow you to immerse yourself in mindful compassionate presence. Tina and Barb provide a gentle flow of led compassion-based mindfulness practices. In amongst this structure is the quiet freedom to move in and out of the garden and the practices themselves as you need to ensure the morning meets your needs and is nourishing for the body, mind and heart.

Options available:

Single session - come and consider what benefits Mindfulness might bring or for those looking for a 'top up'.

A Time of Mindfulness- Three sessions suitable for those new to Mindfulness or those wanting to refresh their practice. The sessions specifically address the needs of the client in establishing a new mindfulness practice or building on previous experience.

Counselling/single session: One hour session- $80
A Time for Mindfulness: Three one-hour sessions $210

Location: Sophia Centre, 225 Cross Rd, Cumberland Park

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“Every retreat day is exciting and soothing. I experience them as sailing to a small island in an azure blue sea. The meditation practices are my boat. The release from speaking is a gift. You can safely just let yourself go into your own experience without the anxiety that someone is going to jolt you out of the deep relaxation your body and mind is sinking into. I simply love these retreats and look forward to their arrival with gladness in my heart.”

- Keith Smith
Compassion-Based Mindfulness Programs and Workshops:
Creating and delivering individual sessions or group training in Mindfulness, Meditation, Compassion and 
Self-Compassion to manage problematic stress and anxiety.
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