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We currently offer the following workshops:

Free MSC Information Sessions

MSC Inner Resiliency Training (6-hours)

1-Day Introduction to MSC

Creating Balance: Wise Compassion for past MSC participatns

We can also create workshops to meet the needs of your workplace, community group or organisation.

Please contact Tina to discuss.
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Learning aims:

As opposed to other self-care techniques, MSC practices can be used on the spot while at work with patients / clients and colleagues, like learning to breathe under water. Participating in this workshop you will learn tools to utilize throughout the workday and your everyday life to:

• Care for you while caring for others.

• Handle difficult emotions with greater ease.

• Be able to listen receptively with compassion to self and others.

• Reconnect to the values that give your life and work meaning.

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MSC Inner Resilience Training is designed by Dr Kristin Neff, it is a shortened adapted version of the 8-week MSC developed by Neff and Dr Chris Germer. The structure is 6 x 60-minute sessions. The focus is on the core informal MSC skills. These skills, although requiring an intentional daily effort to integrate do not require extra time or formal meditation practice. The design of this workshop in itself is a compassionate act by Kristin Neff for Health Care Workers to address the fact that they are time poor and often exhausted in the work they do to care for others. 

Your Teacher:

Tina is a Certified MSC Teacher, and Australia\'s only Teacher Trainer and Mentor. She was granted Certification in 2015 by the Mindfulness-Based Professional Teaching Institute, University of California San Diego. Her teaching brings understanding, humour, warmth and honesty coming from years of teaching and practicing compassion-based mindfulness and working within our health system.



6 x 60-minutes sessions at your facility
6-hour workshop
There is flexibility to customize the delivery format to meet the needs of your facility.



$1,500, for groups up to 30 people.


For more information please contact me: Tina Gibson: 0430-328-007
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